I relocated to the Wiltshire area back in 2013 having moved from London, I contacted a number of agencies locally to help find my next role and Henlee were the quickest to respond making my job search experience in a new county very positive. I liked the look and feel of the role levels that are covered by Henlee and the more specialist / culture fit approach that was taken – ensuring that both myself and the hiring company aligned on values.

I invited me to the offices at Henlee and spent time going through the approach taken to find me the right role. It’s a daunting experience moving to a new area and I felt in good hands when I left the first meeting. I felt that every piece of detail about my experience had been explored and I wasn’t going to put forward for roles that wasted time on mine or the hiring company.

The end to end process was smooth, the candidate experience was detailed and information shared was timely. The attention to detail around the interview and insights to how the company operated was invaluable, it enabled me to get a feel of the company before stepping in the door and once in the interview it was seamless.

The final outcome was indeed an exciting moment knowing that the role was mine and the company fit worked very well. It is so important to find a role that you enjoy and work with a group of likeminded people for the greater good of the business. I am very happy in my role and can already see more opportunity to add value, it’s been a great experience all round.

Lee and the team work very hard on the candidate’s behalf and really go above and beyond to find you the right role. Personally I would prefer to be placed in interview with companies that would get the best out of me and have the right fit for my skills (knowing that immediate value can be delivered), Henlee deliver on this and the personal touch is greatly appreciated when you are be prepared for the new role. The key is to be patient and the right role will come for sure, trust is a huge part of the process and Henlee are held in very high regard.

Dan Creed
Head of HR
TM Group

I made contact with Henlee Resourcing as they are a local HR recruitment agency and one I knew would have good knowledge of the local businesses / HR market. I met Lee who is very personable, we had good informal discussion about what I’d done and what I might be looking for in the future. Lee then contacted me about a role with Honda Motors, he had a decent Company insight and knowledge of the Business / role. He suggested a slight tweak to my CV to highlight that a recent change of Employer was down to TUPE transfer rather than looking as if just moved into new role and already seeking new opportunity. I was fully briefed on the role and culture which led to very good first and second interviews, with simple advice before both to ensure I was fully prepared and knew what to expect from the Interviewers. I was subsequently offered the role and I accepted. Henlee showed interest in me as a person rather than just the opportunity I gave to them, this includes keeping in touch after starting my new role. All is all a very positive experience.

Terry Aspell
Employee Relations Manager
Honda Motors Europe

Following the positive experience I received as a Candidate, I was keen to engage with Henlee as a Hiring Manager. Lee and I had a very honest conversation and he provided informed information about the market place, possible pool of Candidates and salary expectations.  All this was very useful when speaking to the MD about calibre and associated salary expectations. Lee provided exceptional Candidates which met the requirements for both technical and organisational fit.  The service was excellent which enabled offers to be made within 3 weeks of Henlee being engaged. We recruited two exceptional Colleagues who have made a big impact to the Business. Based on my experience I would highly recommend Henlee Resourcing as they take the time to understand the requirements and provide exceptional Candidates and a totally transparent service.

Tanya Johnson
Head of Human Resources
Animal Friends Insurance

I’ve worked with Lee at Henlee Resourcing as a Candidate for a number of years and he is my career “Yoda”. Refreshingly honest and supportive counsel throughout the process and genuine follow up after placed in role. A first-class experience!!

Sarah Dena
Learning & Development Manager
Royds Withy King LLP

I had worked with Lee at Henlee before and saw a job I was interested in, that they were advertising. Lee was honest and open with how much he would be able to do, to get me a last minute interview as the organisation had already decided on their list of interviewees. Lee was passionate and committed to helping me.  Lee advised me to be myself in my initial interview. All of the pressure was taken away by this advice and I felt it allowed me to be authentic and lead to my success by enabling me to demonstrate my strengths. I was offered the role and since joining I feel like it is culturally the right place for me and that the role directly matches my strengths, knowledge and skills. Thank you for going the extra mile Lee!

Zanneta Neale
Leadership Development Manager
Animal Friends Insurance

I reached out to Henlee Resourcing as I saw an interesting advert for a Head of HR. From the outset I received friendly, clear and helpful advice. They seemed to know the organisation well which was really helpful. To know how the organisation works and more background than being a direct applicant is definitely an advantage in understanding the organisation you’re applying for – after all, recruitment should be a two-way process!  Discussing what experience I had and how it would fit with the organisation was also useful. I was really pleased to be offered the job and started in September 2018! Lee and the team were really supportive and kept me updated throughout the whole process.  Lee also checked in with me in my first week and has been to visit to see how I’m getting on since then!!

Gill Lay
Head of People

I responded to a Recruitment Manager advert that had been forwarded on by a friend. The advert gave a great picture of the role and business, it ticked a lot of the boxes in terms of the job I was searching for. From the outset, I was impressed by the speed of response from Lee – I enquired about the role on a Sunday and he came straight back to me with further information. Lee was able to identify that I could be a suitable candidate quite quickly. He had a genuine and excellent understanding of the role, I felt I could trust him and was comfortable that the role seemed like a good match to my skills and experience. My job search was moving quite quickly and I appreciated the speed that Lee was able to progress my application with Animal Friends. Lee gave me a great insight into the challenges and requirements of the role as well as information about the culture and future plans of Animal Friends. I was given a good overview of what to expect from the interview which enabled me to be as prepared as possible within a short time-frame. I was offered the role very quickly following my interview which was great. Lee kept in touch in the lead up to me starting my new role and during my first few weeks to see how I was settling in. I was impressed by the speed and level of communication from Lee throughout the process, keeping me updated on next steps even when he was going through airport security! Lee was engaging, enthusiastic and easy to talk to, it was an enjoyable experience. My new job is everything that I understood it to be and more.

Carrie Daniels
Talent Acquisition Manager
Animal Friends Insurance

I followed a post on LinkedIn and contacted Andi at Henlee. From our first conversation, Andi came across as very approachable and easy to talk to. His passion for the client shone throughout the process, and you could tell he had really taken the time to get a detailed candidate brief from them. Andi provided me with an excellent detailed insight which helped me mould my presentation. I got the job and I am thrilled! I highly recommend using Henlee Resourcing. They have excellent relationships with their clients, and successfully balance a high level of professionalism with being down to earth and approachable.

Charlotte Cuthbert
Recruitment Partner
Turtle Bay

I contacted Henlee as I spotted an interesting role. Lee met me and gave me a full insight / briefing about the role, Company, culture and the people and helped me to prepare for interview. I got the job and have now been promoted twice!! I wouldn’t go anywhere else when looking for a role / recruiting for my Team.

Uta Langley
Head of Head of Organisation Development
Historic England

I found Henlee to be very professional and person orientated. Lee gave great advice on the organisational fit and approach. He provided insights in to the company culture and business fit. He described very accurately the role and associated areas of responsibility and growth opportunities. I landed the job and was ecstatic! 6 months in, I have increased the scope of my role from a Country HR Manager to a Global HR Business Partner. I highly recommend Henlee!

Rick Gonzalez
Global HR Business Partner
Dialog Semiconductor
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