Standing Out From The Crowd – Your CV and Social Media Profile

On Thursday 3 September Lee Krawczyk-Brown and Donna Blythe hosted a session on “Standing Out From The Crowd – Your CV and Social Media Profile”.

Lee spoke to how to format your CV to ensure that it is visually appealing, and so that an applicant tracking system can easily ingest and parse your data. He also addressed items such as what content should and should not be included, how long your CV should be, as well as a number of other considerations. Lee shared examples of a CV getting limited traction and why, and how with a few simple changes the candidate received a significant amount of interest and ultimately landed a new role.

Donna shared tips and tricks for both LinkedIn and Twitter. She addressed a number of considerations related to your profile social profiles, such as a picture, banner, headline, summary, customising your URL, asking for recommendations, connecting with others (provided specific recommendations), URL shortening, general activity, content generation and more.

Our poll showed that 92% participants (22 of the 24 people who participated in the poll) said they felt better about tacking their CV and social media profile following our session, and they felt they now had lots of good tips to implement and use! What fantastic feedback. The webinar was recorded and a download link to this as well as the PowerPoint deck and resources documents are available below:

Access to the Recording can be found by clicking “HERE”         

Access to the PowerPoint Deck can be found by clicking “HERE”           

Access to the Social Media Tips and Tricks can be found by clicking “HERE”           

Access to the Content – Social Media Profile can be found by clicking “HERE”