I relocated to the Wiltshire area back in 2013 having moved from London, I contacted a number of agencies locally to help find my next role and Henlee were the quickest to respond making my job search experience in a new county very positive. I liked the look and feel of the role levels that are covered by Henlee and the more specialist / culture fit approach that was taken – ensuring that both myself and the hiring company aligned on values.

I invited me to the offices at Henlee and spent time going through the approach taken to find me the right role. It’s a daunting experience moving to a new area and I felt in good hands when I left the first meeting. I felt that every piece of detail about my experience had been explored and I wasn’t going to put forward for roles that wasted time on mine or the hiring company.

The end to end process was smooth, the candidate experience was detailed and information shared was timely. The attention to detail around the interview and insights to how the company operated was invaluable, it enabled me to get a feel of the company before stepping in the door and once in the interview it was seamless.

The final outcome was indeed an exciting moment knowing that the role was mine and the company fit worked very well. It is so important to find a role that you enjoy and work with a group of likeminded people for the greater good of the business. I am very happy in my role and can already see more opportunity to add value, it’s been a great experience all round.

Lee and the team work very hard on the candidate’s behalf and really go above and beyond to find you the right role. Personally I would prefer to be placed in interview with companies that would get the best out of me and have the right fit for my skills (knowing that immediate value can be delivered), Henlee deliver on this and the personal touch is greatly appreciated when you are be prepared for the new role. The key is to be patient and the right role will come for sure, trust is a huge part of the process and Henlee are held in very high regard.