Terry Aspell, Employee Relations Manager, Honda Motors Europe

I made contact with Henlee Resourcing as they are a local HR recruitment agency and one I knew would have good knowledge of the local businesses / HR market. I met Lee who is very personable, we had good informal discussion about what I’d done and what I might be looking for in the future. Lee then contacted me about a role with Honda Motors, he had a decent Company insight and knowledge of the Business / role. He suggested a slight tweak to my CV to highlight that a recent change of Employer was down to TUPE transfer rather than looking as if just moved into new role and already seeking new opportunity. I was fully briefed on the role and culture which led to very good first and second interviews, with simple advice before both to ensure I was fully prepared and knew what to expect from the Interviewers. I was subsequently offered the role and I accepted. Henlee showed interest in me as a person rather than just the opportunity I gave to them, this includes keeping in touch after starting my new role. All is all a very positive experience.